Dados vol. 59 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro jul./set.2016



· What do Councils do and When? Decision-making Standards for Participatory Institutions and their Effects
Lavalle, Adrian Gurza - Voigt, Jessica - Serafim, Lizandra
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· Standards for Participation among Left-wing Latin American Governments: A Comparative Study between Brazil and Venezuela
Silva, Fabricio Pereira da
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· Informal Networks and Democratic Institutions in Latin America
Mascareño, Aldo - Silva, Artur Stamford da - Loewe, Daniel - Rodríguez, Darío
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· The Sexual Division of Labor and Democracy
Biroli, Flávia
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· Activism and Digital Practices in the Construction of an LGTB Sphere in Spain
Grau, Begonya Enguix
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· Gender and Political Representation among Brazilian Management Councils
Lüchmann, Lígia Helena Hahn - Almeida, Carla - Gimenes, Éder Rodrigo
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· Cooperation and Coordination in the Implementation of Social Public Policies: The Case of Health Policy
Menicucci, Telma - Marques, Alisson Maciel de Faria
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· Social Health Organizations and the Performance of the SUS: A Study on Basic Healthcare in São Paulo
Coelho, Vera Schattan P. - Greve, Jane
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· Authoritarian and Liberal Realisms: Features of the Imagination on Political Representation at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Hollanda, Cristina Buarque de - Coser, Ivo
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