Dados vol. 46 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro 2003


· Libéralisme: l'endroit et l'envers
Martins, Carlos Estevam
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· The inefficient secret revisited: the legislative input and output of Brazilian deputies
Amorim Neto, Octavio - Santos, Fabiano
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· The content of Brazilian legislative output: national laws or pork barrel politics?
Ricci, Paolo
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· Weak parties in the electoral arena, strong parties in the legislative arena: the electoral connection in Brazil
Pereira, Carlos - Mueller, Bernardo
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· State-level institutional effects on legislative coalition unity in Brazil
Carey, John M. - Reinhardt, Gina Yannitell
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· The economic policy of macroeconomic reform in Brazil, 1995-2002
Samuels, David
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