Dados vol. 46 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro 2003

Liberalismo: o direito e o avesso

Martins, Carlos Estevam


Liberalism, as manifested in self-defined liberal writings, has two sides: one, its true side, comprised of a whole body of systematically integrated proposals; the other, a patchwork quilt, an illusionist version, manipulated for political and ideological purposes. By means of a critique of eclecticism, the article aims to provide room for acknowledging non-autocratic concepts that are treated as if they were autocratic simply because they are non-liberal or anti-liberal.

Palavras-chave: liberalism; democracy; forms of the state; self-government; autocracy; social justice.

DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582003000400001

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Liberalismo: o direito e o avesso