Dados vol. 44 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 2001


· Modernity, complexity, and mixed articulation
Domingues, José Maurício
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· Appellate judges in the São Paulo State Supreme Court and the building of professionalism: 1873-1997
Bonelli, Maria da Gloria
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· The executive connection: presidentially defined factions and party discipline in Brazil
Amorim Neto, Octavio - Santos, Fabiano
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· What are reelected legislators all about? Local and national political and institutional dynamics in the 1998 elections to the Brazilian House of Representatives
Pereira, Carlos - Rennó, Lucio
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· Added value of institutions of higher learning in Minas Gerais State for courses in Law, Administration, and Civil Engineering
Soares, José Francisco - Ribeiro, Leandro Molhano - Castro, Cláudio de Moura
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· Modus tollens, the holism of Duhem-Quine and the social sciences: le holisme de Duhem-Quine et les sciences sociales
Freitas, Renan Springer de - Collares, Ana Cristina Murta
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