DADOS guidelines to preprints manuscripts and databases indexation

In line with the program for open science, DADOS now accepts manuscripts available on preprint servers and indexes research databases. The two measures will provide accelerate and make more transparent the scientific process and our evaluation processes, allowing anyone to access manuscripts before peer review and the acces to used data.


Preprints manuscripts are those made available to the general public on specialized virtual servers at the time of submission to the journal. Those manuscripts are available to peer evaluation at the same time of their submissiont to the journal. In addition, the manuscript get a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) at the time of submission to the preprint server, which make it imediatly citeble. More details in our instructions.

Database indexing

In order to make scientific analyzes more transparent and guarantee their replicability, DADOS also starts to index the databases and algorithms used in published articles. We intend with this to enable the replicability of the published analyzes, as well as the wide dissemination of the data mentioned in our articles.

Although indexing is already current practice for quantitative research in numerous magazines, DADOS also starts indexing materials used in qualitative research such as images, documents, complete transcripts of interviews, maps, etc. More details in our instructions