Dados vol. 32 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1989

Brasil: Cem Anos de Questão Agrária

Reis, Elisa P.


The article reviews the agrarian question down through the republican history of Brazil, in an attempt to answer the following questions: How did the social and political situation of rural workers evolve during this period? Is it possible to identify patterns or regularities in the incorporation of the peasantry into the political arena? Did the rural population display any "typical responses" to socioeconomic changes? What were the most common peasant strategies to cope with the social transformations affecting their lifestyle? Brazil's republican history is divided into three periods and Hirschman's concepts of "exit", "voice", and "loyalty" are then used to discuss logical responses to modernizing transformations in the rural world during each of these periods.

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Brasil: Cem Anos de Questão Agrária