Dados vol. 32 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1989

República Brasileira: Viagem ao Mesmo Lugar

Carvalho, Maria Alice Rezende de


The paper discusses how it has been possible for the Brazilian Republican experience to develop so far, based as it is on a kind of "passive consensus" which robs it of the conflictual positivity inherent to modem republicanizing experiences. An analysis is presented on the meaning assigned to the notion of progress and on the depoliticizing potential which this notion contains, in that it diminishes the active quality of social. actors and prohibits the Subject from interfering in the shaping of the existing order. The process of individuation which characterized Brazilian society at the time of the establishment of the Republic is retraced, and an effort is made to identify the various moral and political languages participating in the shaping of a plastic and flexible Republican identity, adjustable to an image of Brazil projected into the future.

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República Brasileira: Viagem ao Mesmo Lugar