Dados vol. 62 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro 2019-12-052019


Artigos Originais

· From the Cold War to the Global Society. Chilean-German scientific relations 1949-2015: international context and dynamics of exchange
Darraz, Enrique Fernández
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· From Sanitary Hegemony to Liberal Dominance: Investigating the Factors that Prevented a Liberal Inflection at the National Health Agency - ANS (2004-2014)
Baird, Marcello Fragano
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· Institutional Disputes and Corporate Interests in the Justice System: Deadlocks in the Creation of the Public Defender’s Office in the States
Moreira, Thiago
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· Personality and Electoral Attendance in Latin America: Effects of Individual Psychological Characteristics on Mandatory Contexts
Ribeiro, Ednaldo; Borba, Julian
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· Political Careers in the House of Representatives: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis
Meireles, Fernando
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· Changes in Foreign Policies of Latin American and Caribbean States: An Analysis Based on the United Nations General Assembly Voting Records
Sposito, Ítalo
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· Difficulties of Coordination and Educational Policies in Brazil: The Case of Elementary Education
Torres, Haroldo; Camelo, Rafael; Castro, Maria Helena Guimarães;
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