Dados vol. 62 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 2019-04-182019


Artigos Originais

· Differences in Labour Force Participation and Wage Gaps by Gender and Income Classes: an Investigation of the Motherhood Penalty in Brazil Inequalities
Muniz, Jerônimo Oliveira; Veneroso, Carmelita Zilah
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· Democratic Loyalty of Opposition Parties in Latin America (1978-2010): An Institutionalist Explanation
Vairo, Daniela
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· The Soybean Market in the Southeast of Mato Grosso (Brazil): an Analysis of the Relations Between Farmers and Companies from the Economic Sociology Point of View
Wesz Junior, Valdemar João
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· Organization and Ideology in Latin American Parties: an Approximation of the Michels Hypothesis
Oliveira, Augusto Neftali Corte de
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· Police and Fear of Crime in Distrito Federal
Costa, Arthur Trindade Maranhão; Durante, Marcelo Ottoni
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· Institutional Remodeling of the Support Structures for Commercial Promotion in Brazil
Figueira, Ariane
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· Some Constraints on the Influence of Public Policy Conferences on the Programs of the Respective Sectoral Policies
Silva, Viviane Petinelli
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