Dados vol. 61 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro out./dez.2018


Artigos Originais

· The school effect in Brazil: value added, differential effectiveness and social equality
Ferrão, Maria Eugénia - Barros, Gabriela Thamara de Freitas - Bof, Alvana Maria - Oliveira, Adolfo Samuel de
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· Mario Henrique Simonsen and Antonio Delfim Netto: different composition of capitals, similar professional performance, different styles of leadership
Klüger, Elisa
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· Income inequality and demand for redistribution in Latin America, from 1997-2015
Méndez, Yasmín Salazar - Waltenberg, Fábio Domingues
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· The Liberalism of Carlos Lacerda
Chaloub, Jorge
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· Interrupting the critique of the Marxist struggle imperative: Foucault and Groupe d'Information sur les Prisons (GIP)
Ota, Nilton Ken
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· Party Membership and Activism in a New Democracy: Evidence from the Portuguese Case
Santo, Paula do Espírito - Lisi, Marco - Costa, Bruno Ferreira
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· Social Structure and Political Crisis in Brazil
Costa, Sérgio
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