Dados vol. 60 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro out./dez.2017


Artigos Originais

· The Shaping of The Judiciary’s Political Autonomy in Latin America: A Comparative Study Between Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela
Engelmann, Fabiano - Bandeira, Júlia Veiga Vieira Mâncio
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· Politics and the Judiciary in Contemporary Brazil: A Portrait of the Supreme Federal Court Based on its Representation in Folha de São Paulo Newspaper
Oliveira, Fabiana Luci de
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· The Brazilian Middle Classes: Who Are They? How Extensive Are They? How Have They Evolved?
Cardoso, Adalberto - Préteceille, Edmond
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· Do Professional Bureaucracies Expand the State Capacity for Implementing Policies? Governments, Bureaucrats, and Legislation in Brazilian Municipalities
Marenco, André
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· Campaign Expenses and Candidate Success in Brazilian Legislative Elections
Arraes, Ronaldo - Amorim Neto, Octavio - Simonassi, Andrei
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· What Constitutes a Good Election? Employing Reports on Electoral Observation Missions to Evaluate Latin American Electoral Processes (2013-2016)
Freidenberg, Flavia
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· Decision and Secularization in Reflections Made by a Young Carl Schmitt
Branco, Pedro H. Villas Bôas Castelo
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