Dados vol. 59 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro abr./jun.2016


Nota Editorial

· Nota Editorial: Política e Fluxo Editorial da DADOS
Bringel, Breno
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· Future Market: The Political Economy of the New Partisanship in the Brazilian Press
Lattman-Weltman, Fernando - Chagas, Viktor
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· Education and Income of the Rich in Brazil
Medeiros, Marcelo - Galvão, Juliana de Castro
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· Inequality of Labor Wages in the Short and Long Run: Age, Period and Cohort Trends
Barbosa, Rogério Jerônimo
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· Civil-Military Relations in Portugal: The Long Process to Achieve Civilian Control and Military Effectiveness
Bruneau, Thomas C.
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· Prostitution: Which Juridical-Political Model for Portugal?
Graça, Marta - Gonçalves, Manuela
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· Outsourcing: An Object of Political and Cognitive Struggle in the Brazilian Juridical Field
Barbosa, Attila Magno e Silva
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· The Rationalization of the Automotive Reparation Industry and the Resistance of Mechanics to Models of Competence and Entrepreneurship
Ferreira, Laura Senna
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· A Three-way Relationship: The Political and Sociological Role of the Third Party in the Treatment of Conflicts
Spengler, Fabiana Marion
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