Dados vol. 59 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro jan./mar.2016


Nota Editorial

· Nota Editorial
Bringel, Breno
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· The Political Psychology of Social Classes in Brazil: Attributes of Political Attitudes by Stratification and Social Mobility
Rennó, Lucio - Turgeon, Mathieu
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· Money, Time and Electoral Memory: The Mechanisms that Define the Vote in Mayoral Elections in 2012
Speck, Bruno Wilhelm - Cervi, Emerson Urizzi
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· Government and Opposition in the Brazilian Senate (1989-2010)
Izumi, Mauricio Yoshida
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· Tradition, Law, and Politics
Abreu, Luiz E.
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· The Participation of the Business Elite in the Coup Conspiracy in Argentina (1975-1976)
Cerbino, Gonzalo Sanz
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· Existential Social Issues, Trends of Development and Modernity
Domingues, José Maurício
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· The Government of Moral Sentiments in the Eighteenth Century
Andrade, Daniel Pereira
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· Reconcilement and Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution in the Brazilian Empire
Campos, Adriana Pereira - Souza, Alexandre de Oliveira Bazilio de
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· Errata

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