Dados vol. 58 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro abr./jun.2015



· The New State in Brazil: A Study of the Dynamics of Regional Political Elites in an Authoritarian Context
Codato, Adriano
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· Multi-notabilityTrajectories: Historical Reconfigurations and Social Determinants of the Political and Cultural Inscription of Brazilian Congressmen
Reis, Eliana Tavares dos - Grill, Igor Gastal
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· Making Voters and Elections: Political Mobilization and Democracy in Brazil in the post-New State Period
Limongi, Fernando
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· Economy, Ideology and Elections in Latin America
Corrêa, Diego Sanches
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· Party Institutionalization and Agenda Consistency: The Left's Response to Financial Speculation Attacks in Latin America
Campello, Daniela
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· Continuity, Rupture or Recycling? An Analysis of the Political Agenda of the World Bank after the Washington Consensus
Pereira, João Márcio Mendes
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· Global Value Chains and Development: Critical Perspectives from the Global South
Fernández, Víctor Ramiro - Trevignani, Manuel Facundo
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· Biopolitics and Development? Foucault and Agamben on the State, Government and Violence
Radomsky, Guilherme F. W.
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