Dados vol. 57 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro jul./set.2014



Bringel, Breno
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· The Political Rise of Pentecostals in Brazil in the Eyes of Religious Leaders
Machado, Maria das Dores Campos - Burity, Joanildo
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· The Notion of Brazilian Singularity Revisited: Contemporary Theoretical Challenges
Tavolaro, Sergio B. F.
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· Social Structure and Segregation in São Paulo: Transformations in the 2000s
Marques, Eduardo
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· Social Analysis of the Factors that Influence the Development and Planning of Rural Settlements: The Cases of the Municipalities of Cervantes and Guitiriz in Galiza
Brandão, Vasco André Barbosa - Riveira, Inés Santé - Maseda, Rafael Crecente - Ferreira Neto, José Ambrósio
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· The Moment of the Political: Event, Undecidability and Decision
Mendonça, Daniel de
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· Why do People Vote for the Left ? Cleavages, Ideology and Retrospective Votes in Bolivia and Uruguay in Comparative Perspective
Došek, Tomáš
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· The Effect of Budget Amendments in Parliamentary Behavior and the Temporal Dimension: Old Hypotheses, New Tests
Vasselai, Fabricio - Mignozzetti, Umberto G.
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· Types and Dynamics of Institutional Change: Transportation Regulating Agencies in Brazil
Gomide, Alexandre de Ávila
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