Dados vol. 57 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro abr./jun.2014


· Robert A. Dahl, econômico
Santos, Wanderley Guilherme dos
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· Brazilian polyarchy and political reform: analysis of a contribution to Political Theory by Wanderley Guilherme dos Santos
Moreira, Marcelo Sevaybricker
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· Repertoires of state-society interaction in a heterogeneous state: the Lula Era experience
Abers, Rebecca - Serafim, Lizandra - Tatagiba, Luciana
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· Petismo and chavismo: varieties of capitalism and labor regulation in Brazil and Venezuela
Moraes, Wallace dos Santos de
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· Federative coordination and the 'joint decision trap': the intergovernmental articulation commissions for social policy in Brazil
Palotti, Pedro Lucas de Moura - Machado, José Angelo
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· Parties, political competitions and electoral fraud: elections during the Brazilian First Republic
Ricci, Paolo - Zulini, Jaqueline Porto
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· From raison d'état to mitigated republicanism: a narrative of the production of Brazilian foreign policy inspired by Raymundo Faoro
Lopes, Dawisson Belém
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· Autonomy, regional integration and Brazilian foreign policy: Mercosul and Unasul
Vigevani, Tullo - Júnior, Haroldo Ramanzini
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· New economic configurations in Asia-Pacific and its consequences for Latin America: from APEC to the Pacific Alliance
Aranda, Isabel Rodríguez
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