Dados vol. 55 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro out./dez.2012


· Minority governments in latin-american presidentialism: institutional and political determinants
Figueiredo, Argelina Cheibub - Canello, Júlio - Vieira, Marcelo
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· Varieties of coalition governments in presidentialism: Chile , 1990-2010
Huneeus, Carlos
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· Cooperation, leadership, and impasse between the Legislative and Executive branches in lawmaking by the Brazilian National Congress
Gomes, Fábio de Barros Correia
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· Switching party affiliations in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies from 1987 to 2009
Freitas, Andréa
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· Intra-partisan linkage and electoral performance in Brazil
Avelino, George - Biderman, Ciro - Barone, Leonardo S.
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· Public schools and communities in a context of institutional democracy-building
Burgos, Marcelo Baumann
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· Measuring forms of otherness and establishing rights: government practices and knowledge in the creation of ethnic frontiers
Oliveira, João Pacheco de
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