Dados vol. 55 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 2012


· The State as part of the republic
Araujo, Cicero
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· Cadernos do Nosso Tempo and the national interest
Hollanda, Cristina Buarque de
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· Four decades of social mobility in Brazil
Ribeiro, Carlos Antonio Costa
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· The economic performance of Rio de Janeiro: background and prospects
Hasenclever, Lia - Paranhos, Julia - Torres, Ricardo
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· Occupational transitions and inter-metropolitan labor markets: the cases of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
Cardoso, Adalberto
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· Rural settlements in São Paulo: strategies and mediations for development
Barone, Luís Antonio - Ferrante, Vera Lúcia S. Botta
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· Parties and workers in the democratic transition: the struggle for hegemony in the Brazilian left
Santana, Marco Aurélio
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