Dados vol. 55 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 2012


· Guillermo O'Donnell and his contribution to the development of Political Science in Latin America
Bulcourf, Pablo - Dufour, Gustavo
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· Elections and democracy in Brazil: Victor Nunes Leal and the 1945 transition
Limongi, Fernando
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· Structure of the Presidential race and consolidation of the Party System in Brazil
Melo, Carlos Ranulfo - Câmara, Rafael
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· Context and competition in São Paulo politics
Meneguello, Rachel - Bizzarro Neto, Fernando
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· Intra-governmental coordination for implementation of Brazil's Foreign Policy: the case of the IBSA Forum
Faria, Carlos Aurélio Pimenta de - Nogueira, Joana Laura Marinho - Lopes, Dawisson Belém
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· Political news in the brazilian evangelical media: o Mensageiro da Paz and Folha Universal from a comparative perspective
Lima, Diana - Werneck, Vinícius
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· Black or white?: measurement, relevance, and classificatory concordance in a country of racial uncertainty
Muniz, Jerônimo O.
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