Dados vol. 54 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 2011


· Democratic transition, consolidation and capitalist revolution
Bresser-Pereira, Luiz Carlos
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· The collor administration: liberal reformism and the new brazilian foreign policy
Sallum Jr, Brasilio
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· Party cohesion and discipline in the Brazilian National Senate
Neiva, Pedro Robson Pereira
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· Electoral concentration in the São Paulo elections: indicators and applications
Avelino, George - Biderman, Ciro - Silva, Glauco Peres da
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· Controlling corruption in frontline civil service: rules, discretionary power, and reforms in Brazil
Filgueiras, Fernando - Aranha, Ana Luiza Melo
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· Educational stratification in 21st century Brazil
Mont'Alvão, Arnaldo
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· Territorial development policies in the brazilian countryside: new institutional arrangements and key protagonists
Delgado, Nelson Giordano - Leite, Sergio Pereira
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