Dados vol. 53 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 2010


· Financial crisis, cultural war, and transformations in the economic field in Brazil in 2009
Grün, Roberto
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· Linguistic contextualism in the history of politic thought: Quentin Skinner and the contemporary methodological debate
Silva, Ricardo
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· Weber and the advent of the new
Freitas, Renan Springer de
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· Poulantzas and the law
Motta, Luiz Eduardo
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· International and domestic conditioning factors: Brazil and the G-20 in the agricultural negotiations of the Doha Round
Carvalho, Maria Izabel Valladão de
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· Family choices, educational stratification, and children's scholastic performance: what are the interrelations
Alves, Fátima
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· Reflections on recruitment by the Brazilian Armed Forces and its implications for national defense
Alsina Jr, João Paulo Soares
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