Dados vol. 51 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 2008


· Precarious employment in Europe
Oliveira, Luísa - Carvalho, Helena
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· Transitions from school to work in Brazil: the persistence of inequality and frustrated expectations
Cardoso, Adalberto
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· Brazilian trade unions' stance towards technological and organizational innovations
Cotanda, Fernando Coutinho
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· Political parties, ideology, and social policy in Latin America: 1980-1999
Batista, Cristiane
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· Crime and law enforcement strategies in urban areas
Beato, Claudio - Silva, Bráulio Figueiredo Alves da - Tavares, Ricardo
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· High-risk political participation: demonstrations and riots under dictatorial regimes
Escribà-Folch, Abel
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· The birth and redefinitions of environmental activism in Brazil
Oliveira, Wilson José Ferreira de
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