Dados vol. 51 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 2008


· Prosperity' in the 1990s: ethnography of the work commitment between worshippers and God in the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
Lima, Diana Nogueira de Oliveira
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· Sociability and values: a perspective on muslim arab families in São Paulo
Truzzi, Oswaldo
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· The modernity of Christ the Redeemer
Giumbelli, Emerson
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· Land occupations, landless camps, and demands on the State: an evaluation from a comparative perspective
Sigaud, Lygia - Rosa, Marcelo - Macedo, Marcelo Ernandez
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· Diário Trabalhista and black racial democracy in Brazil in the 1940s
Guimarães, Antonio Sérgio Alfredo - Macedo, Márcio
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· Ethnic conflict, human rights, and international intervention
Vigevani, Tullo - Lima, Thiago - Oliveira, Marcelo Fernandes de
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· A comparison of social structures in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
Marques, Eduardo - Scalon, Celi - Oliveira, Maria Aparecida
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· War, state formation, and national identity on the fringes of the Atlantic world
O'Neill, Eoin
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