Dados vol. 50 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 2007


· Baudrillard e a pós-modernidade
Mendes, Candido
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· Simmel in Brazil
Waizbort, Leopoldo
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· Sequences in a Brazilian political sociology
Botelho, André
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· Space and Brazilian thinking: the American Russia in the writing of Euclides da Cunha and Vicente Licínio Cardoso
Maia, João Marcelo Ehlert
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· Poverty and saving humanism: underlying mediations
Neves, Delma Pessanha
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· Models of capitalism and comparative political economy: institutions, performance, and the german and japanese responses to recent challenges
Guimarães, Alexandre Queiroz
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· International trade negotiations and democracy: the WTO drug patent dispute between Brazil and the USA
Oliveira, Marcelo Fernandes de - Moreno, Fernanda Venceslau
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