Dados vol. 49 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 2006


· Sleeping with the enemy: a critique of the concept of trust
Feres Júnior, João - Eisenberg, José
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· Max Weber, multiple modernities and the re-orientation of social theory
Knöbl, Wolfgang
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· Weber and disenchantment of the world: a dialogue with the thinking of Nietzsche
Nobre, Renarde Freire
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· Young Marx, new political theory
Pogrebinschi, Thamy
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· Tocqueville and Gobineau in the world of equals
Gahyva, Helga
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· Jesus Christ, the town’s lord and savior: pentecostal imagination and political utopia
Mafra, Clara
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· Family resources and cognitive performance by primary school students in Brazil
Soares, José Francisco - Collares, Ana Cristina Murta
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· NGOs and politics in Brazil: the presence of new actors
Pinto, Céli Regina Jardim
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