Dados vol. 48 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro abr./jun.2005


· Lines of Brazilian political thought
Brandão, Gildo Marçal
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· Theoretical implications of the new institutionalism: a Habermasian approach
Andrews, Christina W.
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· Social security reform in two stages
Melo, Carlos Ranulfo - Anastasia, Fátima
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· Interaction between the executive and legislative branches in the decision-making process: evaluation of presidential success and failure
Diniz, Simone
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· Committees and political parties in the Brazilian House of Representatives: a study on party recruitment patterns for standing committees
Müller, Gustavo
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· The impact of internationalization with a focus on technological innovation and brazilian companies' exports
Arbix, Glauco - Salerno, Mario Sergio - De Negri, João Alberto
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