Dados vol. 46 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 2003


· The promise of 'instigating professional insertion' in the network society: the imposition of meaning and its sociology
Grün, Roberto
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· State and contractors II: permeability and urban policies in São Paulo (1978-98)
Marques, Eduardo Cesar - Bichir, Renata Mirandola
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· National intelligence systems: origins, expansion logic, and current configuration
Cepik, Marco
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· Political emancipation, the right of resistance, and human rights in Robespierre and Marx
Pogrebinschi, Thamy
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· Patrimonialism in Faoro and Weber and brazilian sociology
Campante, Rubens Goyatá
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· René Armand Dreifuss
Figueiredo, Eurico de Lima
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