Dados vol. 43 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 2000


· Parties and party migration in the chamber of deputies
Melo, Carlos Ranulfo Felix de
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· The legislated model of labor relations in Brazil
Noronha, Eduardo G.
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· Interest groups, political regimes, and economic growth in Brazil (1970-1995): some empirical evidence
Shikida, Cláudio Djissey - Monasterio, Leonardo M.
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· Men: the disorganized majority
Coutinho, Marília - Soares, Gláucio A. D.
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· In search of the new Brazilian petit bourgeoisie
Grün, Roberto
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· Critical realism: a research program for the Social Sciences
Hamlin, Cynthia Lins
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· Labor, workers, and unions in the midst of today’s windstorm
Santana, Marco Aurélio
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