Dados vol. 56 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro jan./mar. 2013

The rights of older Adults in the European Union

Ivic, Sanja


Human rights of older adults are still not sufficiently developed. The 'older adults' are still perceived as homogeneous social group within legal framework, which leaves room for multiple discrimination. However, the experience of the old age is different and it depends on race, class, gender, occupation, place of living, and so forth. This paper will explore how the rights of older adults are regulated within European law. Ageing in Europe is accelerating and puts pressure on welfare systems. That is why both the retirement system and the perception of older adults should be revised. In dealing with the problem of discrimination against older adults, this paper will inquire whether citizenship which transcends any idea of age represents a symbolic and normative imperative of Europe today.

Keywords: older, adults, rights, identity, European Union

DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582013000100008

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The rights of older Adults in the European Union