Dados vol. 55 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 2012

Youth segregation in Paris

Préteceille, Edmond


Daily life, especially for youth, is closely related to place of residence, and urban segregation thus has important consequences for young people. However, their segregation is not identical to that of the general population, given the peculiar characteristics of families with children, youth segregation thus deserves to be analyzed. This article reports on a case study of youth in Paris. The first part examines socioeconomic segregation, which tends to exclude young people of more modest origins from access to urban resources, nearly always concentrated in the central areas of the metropolis, social housing compensates for the centrifugal trend for some of these youth, but this trend is increasingly accentuated in the middle classes. The second part discusses ethnic/racial segregation based on the national origins of their families, young people's own segregation is more striking than that of immigrants themselves, and a significant minority of immigrant-descendant youth lives in neighborhoods where they are the majority within the young population as a whole.

Keywords: segregation, youth, Paris

DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582012000200002

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Youth segregation in Paris