Dados vol. 24 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1981

Política Intervencionista nos Anos 30: o IAA

Costa, Célia Maria Leite


This paper investigates the creation of the Sugar and Alcohol Institute (the IAA) in the early 1930's, a public organ entrusted with the responsibility of organizing the Brazilian sugar market through planning and control of the sugar cane agro-industry. Assuming that the 1930 Revolution signals the transition from a predominantly agricultural to an industrial society, the author seeks to understand State intervention in broader terms, that is, the reorientation of the national economy. It is then that the economic development model and the process of capital accumulation itself are redefined, in the sense that industrial values and interests become increasingly dominant. The IAA is created as a public instrument seeking to integrate the different regional economies into the Center-Southern industrial nucleus. One of the objectives of this study is to explain how the intervention of the State affects the Northeastern economy as well as the region's role in the national economy.

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Política Intervencionista nos Anos 30: o IAA