Dados vol. 24 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1981

Economia, Política e Democracia: Notas sobre a Lógica da Ação Estatal

Abranches, Sérgio Henrique


This is a critical appraisal of some of the central issues of the ongoing debate on democracy; social justice, and State intervention in the economy. Beginning with a theoretical inquiry of the classical political economists relevant stances as well as the relation between Keynes and liberalism, the author discusses some of the concrete problems of the political, social, and economic organization of contemporary capitalism. The contradictions inherent in the liberal political model, particularly its relative inability to promote deeper changes in the social inequality systems, is the next theme of this paper. It suggests that this political model necessitates complementary action mechanisms and instruments of participation and representation if it is to increase the chances of substantive gains for the dispossessed majority. Finally, the author arrives at some conclusions regarding Brazil's present situation, emphasizing the need for a broad political coalition able to effectively support the transition to a liberal democratic order as well as concrete social and economic policies promoted by the State under the political control of society.

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Economia, Política e Democracia: Notas sobre a Lógica da Ação Estatal