Dados vol. 59 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro jul./set. 2016

Gender and Political Representation among Brazilian Management Councils

Lüchmann, Lígia Helena Hahn - Almeida, Carla - Gimenes, Éder Rodrigo


ABSTRACT Studies on public policy management councils in Brazil have sought to assess their ability to promote political inclusion. In light of the varying numbers of women on the councils, this article examined 140 management councils in the areas of social welfare, health, and environment, in order to identify the relationship between the number of women on the councils, the institutional design and the presence of associations in such spaces. The results point to a relationship between the area of public policy, the sphere of government, representation according to segment (government and civil society) and the number of women in those spaces. The article therefore states and reinforces the significance of the intersection of explanatory variables derived from dynamics and processes of a political-institutional and socio-cultural nature. In a wider sense, this contributes to a deepening of knowledge on factors that favor an increase in political representation among women in decision-making processes in Brazil.

Keywords: management councils, political representation, gender, democracy, women

DOI: 10.1590/00115258201692

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Gender and Political Representation among Brazilian Management Councils