Dados vol. 27 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1984

Cultura e Ideologia

Durham, Eunice R.


ln analyzing cultural processes in contemporary societies, anthropologists are becoming increasingly aware of the need to focus their political dimension. This is the origin of attempts to use the concept of ideology in anthropological analyses. Conversely, the expanding scope of the use of the concept of ideology since Gramsci and Althusser derives from a similar process: the acknowledgement by sociologists and political scientists of the need to include the cultural dimension of the process of domination in the analysis of political phenomena. The author argues that the convergence of these two orientations has been often accompanied by a lack of conceptual clarity as well as an excessively politicized analysis of cultural phenomena. It is the objective of this paper to analyze in a comparative manner the use of the concepts of culture and ideology, emphasizing their complementary nature but also pointing to the risks of confusing the different approaches that they entail.

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Cultura e Ideologia