Dados n. 15 Rio de Janeiro 1977

A Evolução do Papel Internacional da América Latina

Perry, William


This paper presents a survey of relations among the major Latin American countries and of their current role within the international environment. The author reviews Latin America's performance as a region over the last several decades and concludes that major strides have been made ln terms of economic development (including a growing independence from the United States and a diversification of international trade relations) and political stability (regardless of the ideological labels which might the attached to the various regimes). As regards Latin American relations with countries outside the region. the author identifies two major trends: 1) a liberal-internationalist position, as represented by Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, which tends to support Third World policies, and 2) a conservative-nationalist trend whose chief exponents, Brazil and Chile, seek First World status through cooperation, not confrontation with the developed nations. The paper ends on a warning note against expecting either concerted action or a homogeneous regional position to emerge from the Latin American states. While common interests may lead to a certain degree of cooperation and harmony, intra-regional differences tend to create rivalry and friction.

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A Evolução do Papel Internacional da América Latina