Dados n. 15 Rio de Janeiro 1977

A Condição Imperial

Jaguaribe, Hélio


This paper undertakes an analysis of two related issues: (1) the problem of imperialism, in the light of contemporary experience and theories, and (2) the problem of "the American Empire", on the basis of conclusions reached in part (1) of this study. The problem of imperialism is approached through is critical discussion of the theoretical propositons set forth by Schumpeter, Lenin, the neo-Marxists and Liska. The author ap1'eS with Liska's conclusions that empires are socio-political phenomena which system (such as capitalism) or of a given historical period (such as that of the bourgeois revolution). The problem of the American Empire is first examined through a critical discussion of the major current positions on the subject. As in his theoretical discussion of empires in general, the author adopts a historical perspective in relation to the American Empire in order to understand the overall process. He agrees with the neo-Marxist critics as regards the close relationship between corporate capitalism's domination of American society and American international domination in its various forms.

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A Condição Imperial