Dados vol. 24 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1981

O Debate sobre "Estatização" no Brasil

Malan, Pedro Sampaio


This paper seeks to evaluate the debate about the intervention of the State in the economy. Such debate is becoming increasingly important among us, particularly after the conservative turnabout in Europe and the United States. The paper is organized into four sections. The first one insists that the intelligibility of the issue necessitates an adequate historical perspective. The second section argues that the 1964 regime assured the financial viability of the Brazilian public sector; paradoxically, a private enterprise-oriented government increased considerably the potential for public intervention in the economy. The third section points out the high pitch of the debate about "Étatisme" in the late l 970's, a debate that takes place as if it were a brand-new issue. Finally, the author speculates about the future of State intervention in the economy. Three probable scenarios are presented for the l 980's. A basic hypothesis is that, historically, almost all controversies regarding economic policies in Brazil were, in greater or lesser degree, related to the form and scope of foreign as well as public sector intervention in the economic domain. The issues are likely to persist in the agenda of the l 980's.

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O Debate sobre "Estatização" no Brasil