Dados n. 11 Rio de Janeiro 1973

Urbanização, Industrialização e Mobilização Social no Brasil

Aguiar, Neuma


The comparison of the relative impact exerted by industrialization and urbanization over the mobilization of the working class in Brazil in 1940, 1950 and 1960, suggests that some restrictions should be made to the theories concerning social mobilization. ln fact, the quantitative analysis shows a different pattern of association between urbanization, in the one hand, and industrialization, in the other hand, and social mobilization. The verification of this difference leads the author to propose that urbanization resulting from accelerated migration is more important than industrialization for determining the working class mobilization. Migration creates a labour surplus which facilitates a more frequent violation of the labour legislation and this, in turn, leads to greater union participation and greater number of grievances registered in the tribunals.

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Urbanização, Industrialização e Mobilização Social no Brasil