Dados vol. 45 n. 4 Rio de Janeiro 2002

Por que se importar com a desigualdade

Kerstenetzky, Celia Lessa


This article presents arguments from various fields to contend that socioeconomic inequalities be given priority treatment by national public policies, especially in countries where such inequalities abound. Based on the economic, sociological, and political science literature, the article gathers hypotheses and evidence indicating that inequalities, especially when excessive, should concern all those (even non-egalitarians), who ascribe importance to such objectives as economic growth, poverty reduction, social cohesion, and democracy. In addition, based on a reading of normative perspectives, the article attempts to map some of the challenges currently faced by egalitarianism. It concludes that even under pressure, especially from certain inherent aspects of contemporary economic inequalities, egalitarianism can develop in several directions.

Palavras-chave: socioeconomic inequalities; egalitarianism; theories of justice; equality of opportunities.

DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582002000400004

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Por que se importar com a desigualdade