Dados n. 7 Rio de Janeiro 1970

Urbanização, Industrialização e Estrutura Ocupacional

Alessio, Nancy


This paper seeks to analyse the connections between social processes that characterize major changes in Brazilian society from 1872 to 1920. Only some of the principal factors are investigated, that is, those factors which might establish the specificity of this period in contrast to other periods in Brazilian history: urbanization, industrialization, and occupational structure. Industrialization takes place within a situation of relative urbanization, accelerated in the last decades of the nineteenth century; industry, on its tum, further accelerates urban growth and provokes changes in the occupational structure. The paper discusses some of the problems related to the existence of an indirect relation between urbanization and the social and economic effects of industrialization; in other words, it emphasizes the need to refine the concept "formation of an urban-industrial system", which is seen as excessively linear in nature.

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Urbanização, Industrialização e Estrutura Ocupacional