Dados vol. 36 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1993

Pobreza, Desigualdade e Consolidação Democrática

Reis, Elisa P.; Cheibub, Zairo B.


This paper explores the relationship between politics and social inequality in Brazil, taking into account the limits and opportunities for economic growth. The first section provides a brief overview of the literature on economic growth, social inequality; and political democracy, pointing to its nonconclusiveness and suggesting that the issue must be restated in order to place it within the context of current post-authoritarian dilemmas. Through an examination of the Brazilian track record in articulating market, authority, and solidarity; the second section introduces the third, which focuses on current inequality levels and their possible implications for the political order. The concluding section summarizes the authors' argument and suggests that a broad analytical perspective must be adopted when exploring the issue of democratic consolidation in post-authoritarian societies.

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Pobreza, Desigualdade e Consolidação Democrática