Dados vol. 34 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro 1991

A Análise Política do Tempo Conjuntural

Fiori, José Luís


The article explores the difficulties political theory has encountered in analyzing "historical time", an issue that has almost always been left up to the intuition of political actors, to newspaper chronicles, or to the "history of events" (l'histoire évenementíelle): that is, conjunctural time. The text begins by recognizing that only the field of economics has made any progress in this direction, theoretically recovering the dynamic, globalizing dimension of the successive "current moments" that make up cycles and the "long run". The article offers suggestions concerning the space, the time, and the actors that form a given historical moment, based on a critical review of the proposed Marxist interpretation. So far only economics has attempted to scientifically ground the tactical and strategic designs of social and political actors, but the field has faced nearly insurmountable theoretical limitations and practical difficulties. Lastly, the text offers suggestions that depart from Marxist aporias, moving on to the methodological proposals of some of today's French historians, particularly Fernand Braudel and Pierre Vilar.

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A Análise Política do Tempo Conjuntural