Dados n. 14 Rio de Janeiro 1977

A Formação do Estado Brasileiro no Século XIX

Uricoechea, Fernando


This paper attempts to retrace the development of the modern Brazilian bureaucratic state, during the nineteenth century, from its patrimonial-bureaucratic origins. The first section examines the trends toward bureaucratization of the state apparatus, as they take shape over different periods and from the viewpoint of various administrative agencies. It also describes the basic features of the patrimonial-bureaucratic administration during the imperial period as well as the concurrent processes of its gradual depatrimonialization and increasing bureaucratization. The second section examines the political conditions and implications of the evolution of the patrimonial-bureaucratic state. It reviews a series of current interpretations of the interaction between the state and society and proposes a new interpretive framework for discussing the state-building process in nineteenth century Brazil.

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A Formação do Estado Brasileiro no Século XIX