Dados n. 13 Rio de Janeiro 1976

Transformação Política: Notas para Teoria e Mensuração

Andrade, Luís Aureliano Gama de


The article calls attention to the difficulties raised by the concept of political development. Two major seta of questions are put forth: the first concerns the ambiguity of the concept of political development; the second relates to the possibility of developing a theoretical framework in which to analyze specific historical processes. As regards the definitional aspects, the term "political transformation" is suggested to replace political development. At the same time, the author proposes that this term be understood from the standpoint of an analysis of the impact of policies. In connection with the possibility of developing a conceptual framework for the historical study of political transformation processes, the paper undertakes a critical review of three major theoretical positions as found in the works of Marx, Barrington Moore and Huntington. Lastly, the author questions the validity of applying models derived from Western historical experience to Latin America.

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Transformação Política: Notas para Teoria e Mensuração