Dados vol. 58 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro jan./mar.2015



· The Upper Tip of Income Distribution in Brazil: First Estimates with Income Data and a Comparison with Household Surveys (2006-2012)
Medeiros, Marcelo - Souza, Pedro H. G. Ferreira de - Castro, Fábio Avila de
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· Income, Social Relations and Happiness in Brazil
Ribeiro, Carlos Antonio Costa
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· Social Class and Income Shifts in Brazil
Santos, José Alcides Figueiredo
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· Who is Middle Class in Brazil? A Study on Class Identities
Salata, André Ricardo
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· The Brazilian Social Macrodynamic: Changes, Continuities and Challenges
Condé, Eduardo Salomão - Fonseca, Francisco
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· “Dar uma Zoada” and “Botar a Maior Marra”: Moral Devices of Jocosity as Forms of Effectuation and its Relation to Critique
Werneck, Alexandre
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· The Homo-parental Family in TV Fiction: The Narrative Practices of Brazil and Spain in the Representation of Relationships of Love-Affection
Mesquita, Aline Martins - Pavia, Carme Ferré
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· Indigenous Homosexual Activism: A Comparative Analysis between Brazil and North America
Fernandes, Estevão Rafael
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