Dados vol. 57 n. 3 Rio de Janeiro jul./set. 2014

The Moment of the Political: Event, Undecidability and Decision

Mendonça, Daniel de


Rupture in terms of practices or political regime is a subject commonly found in post-structuralist political theories. Ruptures are understood as events or shifts that substantially alter structures, for they mark the watermark for political orders. However, moments of rupture (or crisis) must not be necessarily treated in negative terms, but rather as a possibility for important changes. Such is an ontological feature of the political, meaning that no order is grounded on an immutable, ultimate foundation. Every order is always contingent, precarious by definition and the result of a hegemonic process, of a decision, an eminently political act taken in a field of undecidability. Taking into consideration mainly the works of Badiou, Laclau and Rancière, this work is a theoretical venture into the moment when political structures are challenged and questioned after events of rupture.

Keywords: political order, event, shift, post-structuralism

DOI: 10.1590/00115258201423

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The Moment of the Political: Event, Undecidability and Decision