Dados vol. 30 n. 2 Rio de Janeiro 1987

A Profissionalização da Sociologia no Brasil

Marinho, Marcelo Jacques Martins da Cunha


This paper analyzes sociology as an occupation and poses the following questions: Is sociology a profession? Should the activity continue to be regulated? Should sociologists be unionized? What does the sociology of professions have to say about occupations/ professions in general and about sociology in particular? After a discussion of the sociology of professions, in which the chief models orienting most of the studies is highlighted, sociology as an occupation is analyzed in terms of these theoretical models. Emphasis is laid on regarding professions, including sociology, as occupational communities which aim at creating exclusive occupational monopolies for goods or services by means of ideological and organizational processes. Along the same lines, sociology is characterized as an "academic profession", and there is an attempt to convey the internal dynamics of the groups existing in Brazil today: "academic" and "non-academic" sociologists. The conclusion is drawn that the activity is monopolized by a social sciences élite who dispose of their own organizational and ideological resources. Lastly, attention is turned to the problems of regulation and the creation of unions, in which the unsuitability of both is argued on the basis of the academic nature of the occupation and the difficulties of an impartial determination of exclusive "professional territories" outside the academic sphere for sociologists.

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A Profissionalização da Sociologia no Brasil