Dados vol. 29 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1986

A Crise e as Inovações Urbanas no Brasil

Sachs, Céline


This article examines the current status of urban innovations in Brazil. The author reviews the emergence of these new practices in participatory urban management which make use of collective self-help efforts in the areas of housing, infrastructure and sanitation, school construction, provisions and urban agriculture. At the same time, he points out that these practices are not yet capable of meeting accumulated social needs and do not represent comprehensive strategy for alternative development. Norms for analyzing and evaluating these experiences still need to be formulated. The Brazilian case arouses interest in that it belongs to a new wave of urban innovation revealed in an international survey conducted by the International Foundation for Alternative Development (FIPAD), identifying dozens of projects and institutions, both in the Third World and in industrialized countries, which promote urban innovations rooted in the concepts of self·-reliance and participatory development. The evaluation and divulgation of Brazil's experiences would be invaluable in the constitution of a communications network on urban innovations.

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A Crise e as Inovações Urbanas no Brasil