Dados vol. 54 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 2011

Autonomia e trabalho informacional: o teletrabalho

Rosenfield, Cinara L. - Alves, Daniela Alves de


The aim of this study was to discuss the meaning of autonomy in information work, and specifically in telework. The ideas relate to empirical research with teleworkers (both hired wage-earners and self-employed), working part-time or fulltime at home, in Portugal and Brazil, with a total of 51 interviews. The article discusses the concepts of autonomy and autonomy at work, and then proceeds to expound on the notion and implications of telework. The article goes on to specifically analyze autonomy in telework (discussing two typical groups of teleworkers: those with successful self-employed work and those with precarious jobs) and in information work in general.

Palavras-chave: information society; telework; work autonomy; flexible work; individualizing involvement.

DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52582011000100006

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Autonomia e trabalho informacional: o teletrabalho