Dados vol. 40 n. 1 Rio de Janeiro 1997

A Absorção de Mão-de-Obra no Setor de Serviços

Barros, Ricardo Paes de; Mendonça, Rosane


The article investigates the role the service sector played in job creation in Brazil during the 1977-90. Special attention is focused on what are known as personal services (community services, repairs, food and lodging, cleaning, and household services), which are considered the least attractive in terms of job quality. Firstly, results show that the proportion of the work force employed within the service sector was similar to that employed by the manufacturing and civil construction sectors together. Secondly, the number of jobs in personal services grew in both absolute and relative terms, surpassing rates for the other two sectors, while in relation to other service sectors, personal services displayed lower rates in both absolute and relative terms. Lastly, the personal services sector enjoyed systematic expansion within the urban labor market, while its participation within the service sector overall declined slightly.

Palavras-chave: services; labor market; employment; workers; employment policy.

DOI: 10.1590/S0011-52581997000100002

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A Absorção de Mão-de-Obra no Setor de Serviços